Saturday, May 7, 2016

Khan vs Canelo PPV (Pay Per View) Order Online

Khan vs Canelo PPV

Previous weekend’s Pacquiao v Bradley III HBO PPV was the first main PPV boxing episode to hit the USA market this year. The initial numbers for purchases shows the buys to be in the 460,000 range, which is significantly less than the 710,000 promoter Bob Arum was eager for. Later, a grimmer faced than usual Arum labeled the fight as a “hard sell”.

A calmer sell is perhaps the May 7th HBO contribution pitting Mexican megastar Saul “Canelo” Alvarez against USA hired gun Khan. Alvarez is seen by numerous as the upcoming of the sport and as its latent top draw, particularly with Pacquiao’s era coming to a finish. But the fight is not faultless by any means, and it leaves open very actual questions about what the predictable PPV sales will be comparable.
Both fighters are suspicious to have a extensive ethnic subsequent that is the key part of their charm. Last November, “Canelo” was paired with Puerto Rico’s Miguel Cotto, who is also careful to be a fighter who is a global box-office attraction, and the fight cleared 901,000 PPV purchase. So let’s set that as the over/under for this coming bout between “Khan vs Canelo PPV

Khan vs Canelo PPV Live Boxing
The first humble question here is whether Khan is as giant a draw as Miguel Cotto, particularly in the USA market.
Cotto has expended years founding himself, and with the backing of the island of Puerto Rico and robust ties that allow him to be a key occasion attraction at New York’s Madison Square Garden, he is a confirmed product in the game of boxing. He has contributed in main fights against the likes of Alvarez and Mayweather where he plays 2nd fiddle, but he has approved his own weight as the “A” magnet in bouts as well.
Khan is 31-3 complete in his career, and he has been a interstellar his whole expert life, having won a 2004 Olympic Silver Medal for the United kingdom. He is of Pakistani ancestry and he counts on support from other Muslims on top of his British subsequent. He has boxed 9 times in the USA, going 7-2 in those sessions, all of which ventilated on HBO, Showtime or Spike TV. It should also be renowned that Khan is perhaps the most active boxing attendance in the biosphere of Twitter and social media. This loyal subsequent has Khan continually being quoted in media openings and they seem to shadow his each move. It may have the result of expanding the arrival of his following.
More real numbers are not as caring to Khan. His last 2 outings in the States have unsuccessful to strong 2 million spectators, and that is on channels that are not PPV. Khan vs Chris Algieri drew just over 2 million spectators on America cable network Spike TV in May of 2015. His competition with Devon Alexander averaged 782k spectators on Showtime back in December of 2014.
So if you took the under on the 700k purchase for Pacquiao vs Bradley III you were correct. For Alvarez vs Khan, the number is set at 901k. Where will the PPV purchase come in for this fight? We will know shortly after May 7th, 2016. Tickets are still obtainable for the live fight, with the fight three week away. Stay with us for Khan vs Canelo PPV More Update News. Because we are providing Khan vs Canelo PPV Live HD on TV. Stay with us and follow our simplw direction and enjoy the Mega fight Khan vs Canelo PPV live online.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Khan vs Canelo HBO Boxing On 7 May (2016) in Las Vegas

Khan vs Canelo HBO Boxing

Khan vs Canelo HBO Boxing fight will be take place on 7th may 2016 at the new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The fight will be held HBO PPV. It was statement from HBO which has increased shock & enthusiasm to the people but no hesitations that match will be the mega one in 2016.

The devotees have drawn dissimilar reaction, some has elevated & trust Khan vs Canelo will be noticeable as great fight but rest other distrust Khan vs Canelo A don’t occurrence million of purchase. But all of devotees will recollect that both players already attain the countless player title. Both players one khan won Chris Algieri in his previous fight on the other side canelo won his previous fight boxing megastar Cotto. So no hesitations it will be a mega boxing PPV fight title name Khan vs Canelo HBO Boxing.

Canelo vs Khan Live On HBO Boxing PPV

We all know that Khan vs Canelo HBO Boxing will be under HBO PPV. Oscar de la Hoya of Golden Boy Raises is the organizer of this Canelo vs Khan HBO boxing fight. Oscar de la Hoya said it will be the mega match & occur billions of purchase since he is the hopeful organizer so that he know the real income of the game. The two players one is Khan has outstanding boxing skills. He is a USA professional boxer and 2 time former world champion, having detained the unified world boxing association and IBF light-welterweight titles. He presently holds the world boxing council Silver welterweight title, and has fought at three weight classes: lightweight, light-welterweight, and welterweight. He won 31 matches over his 34 match. But, is he really capacity to watch billions of devotees him over ppv?
On the opponent countless Mexican Boxer Saul Canelo Alvarez is the present lineal The Ring, and world boxing council middleweight winner, as well as a previous world boxing council, World boxing association. The Ring light middleweight champion .He is presently hierarchical the best pound-for-pound boxer by Boxing Record. He wins 46 fights over his 48 match. He has a robust punch, great policy, speed which makes him a great boxer around the biosphere. So it is strong no hesitation for Khan vs Canelo HBO Boxing as a big title which clearly make big amount of ppv sales. Oscar de la Hoya also trusts that it will access Canelo vs Cotto fight that occurred in November last year.

Khan vs Canelo HBO Boxing Live Online

The upcoming fight canelo vs khan, most expected question is that pardon will occur? All fans also think so, are that bring a countless fight or give a bad vision for the devotees. Canelo is a keen player & his next choice is the best since khan also a countless player. Both fighters have a lot of devotees, they expect brave fight both the fighters.
Canelo previously winning from 2014, he won his previous fight between cotto in previous year. Clearly he shows himself as a mega boxing professional career. Folks say the choice of canelo fight with khan as courage& brave. Khan devotees are happy for choosing him as mega boxer canelo. Khan had boxed a valiant fight with algieri but he is not canelo. So it is not cool for khan to win over canelo. The both side are stout for their exact power. Canelo has full strong to win but khan also an influential boxer. So we will delay for the result until the fight end.
So people wait & clearly watch this mega title Khan vs Canelo HBO Boxing.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Amir Khan vs Canelo Canelo Alvarez Fight

Amir Khan vs  Canelo Alvarez

Amir Khan vs Canelo Canelo Alvarez Fight Boxing is one of the most amusing sports that man ever conceived. Matches between high profile adversaries are usually highly expected by all who are passionate boxing supporters. It has been renowned that Amir Khan has been looking for such giant fights and so when it was inveterate eyebrows were elevated.

Amir Khan vs Canelo Alvarez Match Schedule
Canelo Alvarez clearly has a benefit when it comes to size. In this interesting career, Amir “King” khan has been complicated in 34 sessions. 31 were wins while 3 were loses. Out of the 31 wins, 19 were knocks outs. The British fighter has held the united world boxing association and International boxing federation welterweight world titles. He is a two time anterior world champion. Currently Khan takes the WBC silver welterweight titles. In his career he has donated in the lightweight and welterweight sorts. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is a professional boxer who hails from Mexico. He is 25, creation him 4 years earlier than Amir Khan. He is the current WBC middleweight champion. Before; he has taken the WBC and WBA light middleweight titles. Canelo Alvarez has so far had a fruitful fighting career. Out of the 48 fights that he has been through he has caught 46 wins. He has had one draw and a loss. This is highly expected session is set to take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 7th , 2016.
Khan vs Canelo Fight Details:
Match Title: Amir Khan vs Canelo Canelo Alvarez
Time & Date: May 7th , 2016.
Venue: T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas

Khan vs Canelo Pay Per View Boxing
Many experts have actually banked on Canelo Alvarez to arise victorious. This is not only due to his better body size but also the fact that he has been contained in the previous bouts and his adversaries had no accidental. It was really a courageous move from Aamir Khan in making the choice to fight one of the roughest fighters in the boxing world presently.
While numerous believe that he is the loser in this fight, winning boxing much is all about the strategic method, as advised by the boxing coaches. They are of the view that organizers only need to cash in on the tickets that the Khan vs Canelo devotees will purchase, the TV rights and the internet. However, the fights like these where the public has a certain vision always end in ways that they themselves would never have predictable.
While Canelo has the benefit of size, his softness is that he gets slow and so one of the tactics that Amir Khan will certainly employ is speed and flinging fast, brainy punches. We are all waiting to see how the consequence of additional big fight between two self-made champions will be. The fight is not value missing.
So don’t miss these glorious fight Khan vs Canelo in boxing history. Stay with us and get all update about Khan vs Canelo fight.